Is Kamagra Oral Jelly an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction?

One study found that only 10% of online PDE5 inhibitors were in line with the recommended dosage. If you’re buying medication online that may be fake, the chances are that it could contain less active ingredient (or more) than what is listed on the packaging. A medication that is too strong could have serious side effects, or even increase the likelihood of serious drug interaction. Another serious problem we need to tackle is the contamination issue. In order to cut costs, counterfeiters use potentially hazardous ingredients that are of low quality.

In the study we cited, it was found that several ED pills purchased online contained contaminants like commercial paint or printer ink. Repeat that. It’s not safe to take the pills. Even transactions between these pharmacies, in general, are not safe. You run a risk of your credit card oral jelly information being misused when you purchase Kamagra or other medications online through an unlicensed pharmacist. Online pharmacies that are illegal often take lax measures to protect credit card information. They are generally based abroad and don’t follow U.S. laws that protect against credit card fraud or to maintain your privacy.

Even worse, there are online pharmacies that themselves commit outright fraud. The AARP (an organization of retired people) warns their members about illicit pharmacies that are linked to international criminal networks. These crime groups steal money from victims and then use the information they have collected for identity fraud. When ED medicines like Viagra or Cialis appeared in the early 2000s they were very expensive because of their patent.

Today the situation is totally different. Generic versions of most ED drugs are readily available and affordable in the US. This comprehensive guide provides detailed information on how ED drugs work and their side effects. Kamagra can usually be found as a treatment for erectile disorder. This drug, which is manufactured in India, can be purchased without a prescription. People buy Kamagra that is exported from India as an alternative treatment to Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Kamagra is marketed as containing 100mg (the same active ingredient found in Viagra). It also has a greater risk of adverse effects. It is a risky purchase and is unlicensed.

Kamagra can be purchased online and is not licensed. It is used to treat male erectile disorders. Ajanta Pharma states that the drug contains 100mg active ingredient sildenafil. Sildenafil is also found in Viagra, ViagraConnect, and other ED treatment medications. The manufacturer claims that it will work similarly to these drugs by increasing the blood flow in your penis.

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